Domestic Terrorism and Its Affect on the Fire Service   [open pdf - 276KB]

"Over the years, the fire service has become expert at mitigating major emergencies caused by accidental and intentional fire setting, and by acts of nature. Today, fire service agencies in the United States are faced with a new, more difficult challenge. This new challenge is that of domestic terrorism. The problem is that most fire service agencies in the United States have done little to prepare for acts of domestic terrorism. The purpose of this research was to gather and present information on Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) currently being used to perpetrate terrorist acts in world today, and to provide information that will assist fire service agencies prepare for these terrorist incidents when they occur in their communities. An action research method was used to address the following questions: 1. What is domestic terrorism? 2. What are weapons of mass destruction? 3. What should a local fire service agency do to prepare for a domestic terrorist act? The procedures used to complete this research included a review of literature describing recent international and domestic acts of terrorism, and of operating guidelines developed by government agencies to be used during acts of domestic terrorism. The results of this research clearly identified the need for the Portland Bureau of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services (BFRES) to develop a plan to coordinate local, state, federal and private sector resources to respond effectively to terrorist acts."

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