Information Operations and Winning the Peace: Wielding the Information Element of Power in the Global War on Terrorism (CSL Issue Paper. December 2005, Volume 14-05)   [open pdf - 813KB]

This issue paper summarizes a U.S. Army War College workshop addressing the effects of information operations (IO) on counterinsurgencies (COIN) in the Global War on Terror (GWOT). "The workshop's objective was to define and analyze how IO influences both adversaries and internal and external actors in order to better contribute to a positive end state. Participants used the case study [of the second Israeli / Palestinian intifada] to drive critical discussions of the interplay between the tactical, operational, and strategic dimensions of IO in a complex conflict / stability and reconstruction environment." Plenary sessions focused on "tactical (Israeli Defense Forces incursion into Jenin), operational (Israel's Operation Defensive Shield), and strategic (Israeli withdrawal from Gaza) scenarios." Breakout groups then delved into four topical areas: tactical means / strategic ends, boundaries between military and political responsibility, definitions and categories of enemies who "provide goods and services to the general population whom you wish to influence," and operating environment and wild cards. The workshop included a discussion on the definition of "counterinsurgency" and "information operations." The document also provides recommendations for counterinsurgency planning that take into account cultural awareness.

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