Organizational Culture of the Command and Administrative Staff of Spokane County Fire District #3   [open pdf - 171KB]

"Spokane County Fire District #3 is a department that transitioned from an all volunteer department to a combination paid/volunteer department. The paid personnel form the command and administrative staff. When the transition started twenty plus years ago, the paid personnel came from the volunteer ranks. This is not the case today. Fifty-percent of the personnel have come from outside the volunteer ranks. With the influence of 'new blood' into the organization came a change in the culture of the department. To this point, there has been no formal measure of the organizational culture of the command and administrative staff. The purpose of this research was to define the current organizational culture and climate among the command and administrative staff. Descriptive and evaluative research methodologies were used in answering the research questions through a literature review, a department telephone survey and an employee survey. The following questions were answered: 1. What are the dimensions or characteristics of an organizational culture? 2. How have other like-sized Fire Departments measured their organizational culture? 3. Currently, what are the organizational strengths and weakness that make up the culture of our Department's command and administrative staff? 4. What can we do differently based on the outcome of the organizational assessment? The research revealed the strengths and weaknesses of the culture of the command and administrative staff. Seventeen elements were surveyed. Overall, the organizational culture of the sub-group was very strong. The stand out weaknesses were pay, benefits and feedback."

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