Chemical Warfare Agent Experiments Among U.S. Service Members   [open pdf - 268KB]

This report examines the history of chemical warfare agent human experiments. Information on early experiments through and post World War 2, what agents were tested, and acute effects reported are also provided. "The US military personnel who participated in these Cold War experiments took great health risks in the service of their country. They deserve our respect and assistance for any health problems that were the result of toxic exposures during these military tests. Some of these exposures had the potential to cause substantial harm to the veterans' health, whereas some participants may not have been exposed to any toxic substance because they were used as controls in these experiments. Regardless, long-term psychological effects could have resulted just from participating in these experiments. Unfortunately, the records are not complete enough to determine the exact nature of the exposure in many of these veterans. Each veteran therefore has to be cared for as an individual and given a thorough clinical evaluation to identify all outstanding health problems. Fortunately, high quality health care does not depend on identification of etiologic factors. This is true for much of modern health care. For example, cancer diagnosis and effective therapy does not depend on the identification of a specific etiology."

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