Securing America's Energy Future, Majority Staff Report to Committee on Government Reform Chairman Tom Davis and Subcommittee on Energy and Resources Chairman Darrell E. Issa   [open pdf - 348KB]

"No other issue is as central to the continued well-being of the United States as is energy security. During 2005 the Subcommittee on Energy and Resources held nine oversight hearings on energy-related issues. We feel it is imperative to issue this report to advance the discussion on energy policy and craft government policies that will assure our continued economic growth and insulate US foreign policy from coercion by producers of oil and natural gas. President George W. Bush's Advanced Energy Initiative, outlined in the 2006 State of the Union, will be one of a number of steps in reducing our dependence on petroleum and ensuring our energy security. At the same time we reassess our energy security, we must take note that we are in the beginning stages of a clean energy revolution. Alternative and renewable sources of energy are becoming more mature and economically viable. We have realized the mistake of the de facto moratorium on the construction of new nuclear generating plants, with the 'rediscovery' that nuclear reactors provide an incredible amount of power that is ultraclean. Clean coal plants are moving forward. The automobile market is currently undergoing a renaissance with the market penetration of gasoline-hybrid cars and alternatively-fueled vehicles gaining popularity. Highly efficient and clean diesel cars will also soon come to market. In addition, hydrogen power is steadily advancing with great promise."

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