Algeria: A Country in Crisis   [open pdf - 396KB]

This research paper examines Algeria's troubled history and chances for peace in the future. The author states that, "the country is on the brink of social collapse as militant Islamic fundamentalists challenge the oppressive measures of the current regime." A brief history of Algeria's political and violent conflicts is provided, as well as a discussion of the consequences of socialism and the exploitation of oil and natural gas resources on state revenues and social strife. To further her argument, Geiger clarifies the role population growth has had on agricultural problems. Also included in the document is a discussion of how "Islamists took the opportunity to focus and feed the discontent [in Algeria] and provided structure to the disaffected youth of the country." This discontent led to the creation of the Islamic Salvation Front, which politically opposed the ruling National Liberation Front. The author explains that, "if the fundamentalists succeed in Algeria, they will join Iran and the Sudan as focal points for other fundamentalist groups in Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and other countries of the region."

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