National Security and Immigration Policy: Reclaiming Terms, Measuring Success, and Setting Priorities   [open pdf - 0B]

"The U.S. debate on immigration has been characterized by a simplistic 'human rights versus national security' paradigm that has inhibited serious discussion of the role of the U.S. immigration system in a coordinated national security strategy. The debate has been further hampered by the paucity of counter-terror experts who understand the immigration system, and by a lack of security expertise in the immigrant rights community. This project attempts to bridge that divide. The stakes could not be higher. The threat of catastrophic terrorism, coupled with the vulnerabilities exposed by the September 11th attacks, demands that the U.S. immigration system be integrated into a comprehensive national security plan. At the same time, U.S. strength and prosperity- a key component of US national security- depends on America's openness to the foreign-born and, even more, on America's adherence to its defining values."

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