Role of the National Counterterrorism Center in the Global War on Terrorism   [open pdf - 1MB]

This presentation outlines the vision of the National Counterterrorism Center, its mission, and its many collaborative exchanges. NCTC has staff "assignees" from the Federal Bureau of Investigation; Department of Defense; Central Intelligence Agency; Department of Homeland Security; Department of State; and many others. Multiple contractors support NCTC - primarily in information technology and operational support roles. The presentation has an organizational chart followed by an illustration of how NCTC coordinates all elements of National Power (economic, diplomatic, military, homeland security, law enforcement; and intelligence). Another slide on Strategic Operational Planning (SOP) describes how SOP fills the gap between policy, strategy development and the execution of CT Operations. NCTC is designated as the primary organization in the United States Government for analyzing and integrating all intelligence pertaining to terrorism (except purely domestic terrorism). The next slide explains how NCTC facilitates information sharing by sponsoring multiple fora and mechanisms for the exchange of terrorism information. Lastly, it addresses how to enhance terrorism information integration and mission management and finishes with key challenges, primarily in intelligence business process issues, and government-wide business process issues.

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