Test and Evaluation of a Prototyped Sensor-Camera Network for Persistent Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance in Support of Tactical Coalition Networking Environments   [open pdf - 11MB]

"This thesis investigated the feasibility of deploying an integrated sensor-camera network in military and law enforcement applications. The system was built using entirely commercial-off-the-shelf technologies. The prototype used the unattended ground sensors combined with digital video surveillance cameras to provide accurate real-time situational awareness, persistent intelligence and remote security. A robust testing and evaluation plan was created to measure the system's performance based on specific metrics. The tests focused primarily on the capabilities of the sensor aspect of the network. Tests were conducted to determine the maximum detection range, probabilities of detection, maximum communications range, and battery life. Mathematical models were created to assist network planners. Additionally, the prototyped system was tested through field exercises as part of the Naval Postgraduate School's Coalition Operating Area Surveillance and Targeting System field demonstrations in California and northern Thailand. Although the sensing capabilities exceeded the minimum metrics, the system was not suitable for use in military applications. However, the prototyped network would work well in less demanding law enforcement environments. Additionally, the feasibility and the need to develop an integrated sensor-camera network were demonstrated."

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