MINEX: Performance and Interoperability of the INCITS 378 Fingerprint Template   [open pdf - 2MB]

"The approval of the INCITS 378 [Information Technology-Finger Minutiae Format for Data Interchange] fingerprint template standard creates the possibility of a fully interoperable multivendor marketplace for applications involving fast, economic, and accurate interchange of compact biometric templates. This document addresses the outstanding questions surrounding the new standard: Does the template give accuracy comparable with proprietary (image-based) implementations? Can template data be generated and matched by different vendors without attendant increase in error rates? The MINEX [Minutiae Interoperability Exchange Test] evaluation was designed to answer these questions. This report summarizes the MINEX comparison of proprietary templates and two variants of the INCITS 378 format - MIN:A which codes minutiae (x, y, Ө, type, quality) and MIN:B which supplements it with ridge count, core and delta information. Fourteen vendors participated. All of them implemented the MIN:A template, six elected to implement the MIN:B enhancement and all of them were baselined against their proprietary technology. By using very large scale trials and four archived operational datasets this report presents the headline assessments of proprietary vs. standard accuracy and cross vendor interoperability. In due course, this document may be supplemented by more detailed analyses on causes and effects."

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