NIMS Letter to the Governors (October 4, 2005)   [open pdf - 79KB]

"This letter and the enclosed matrices outline the important steps that state, territorial, tribal, and local entities must take during FY 2006 (October 1, 2005- September 30, 2006) to become fully compliant with the NIMS. Jurisdictions will be required to meet the FY 2006 NIMS implementation requirements as a condition of receiving federal preparedness funding assistance in FY 2007. However, it is important to recognize that NIMS implementation will not end in FY 2006. The NIMS is a dynamic system, and the doctrine as well as the implementation requirements will continue to evolve as our prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery capabilities improve and our homeland security landscape changes. Further, new personnel will continue to need NIMS training, and NIMS processes will still have to be exercised in future years. Most important of the FY 2006 requirements, states and territories must establish a planning process that incorporates the appropriate procedures to ensure the effective communication and implementation of NIMS requirements across the state, including tribes and local governments. This planning process must include a means for measuring progress and facilitate the reporting of NIMS implementation among its tribal and local jurisdictions."

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