Immigration Law Sanctions and Enforcement in Selected Foreign Countries: Brazil, Egypt, Japan, Mexico, Sweden, and Switzerland   [open pdf - 983KB]

"Illegal immigration is a worldwide problem that affects countries of differing legal background and at various stages of economic development. This report reviews the incidence of illegal immigration and its root causes as well as the sanctions of immigration law and the level of enforcement in Brazil, Egypt, Japan, Mexico, Sweden and Switzerland. A survey of the immigration laws and practices of Brazil, Egypt, Japan, Mexico, Sweden, and Switzerland reveals that Japan and Switzerland are most effective in enforcing their immigration laws. Illegal immigration is viewed as harmful in these countries and enforcement mechanisms include the registration of aliens by the local authorities. Mexico also has a register of aliens that is maintained by the federal authorities. The fingerprinting of visa applicants is relied upon in Switzerland and Sweden, and Japan plans on introducing it. Most surveyed countries use border controls and labor inspections, albeit with varying intensity and results. Mexico and Switzerland concentrate on the avoidance and discovery of fraudulent marriages. Enforcement of immigration laws is lax in Brazil and Egypt."

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LL File No. 2006-02877
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