National Security Decision Memorandum 73: Supplemental Guidance for Strategic Arms Limitation Talks   [open pdf - 137KB]

Alternate Title: NSDM 73: Supplemental Guidance for Strategic Arms Limitation Talks

National Security Decision Memorandum 73 is directed to: the members of the National Security Council; the Attorney General; the Director, Arms Control and Disarmament Agency; and the Director of Central Intelligence. From the Document: "After considering the Delegation's request for changes in NSDM [National Security Decision Memorandum] 69 and the views of the Verification Panel, the President has directed that the following supplemental guidance be issued: (1) the limit in paragraph 2(B) of NSDM 69 would entitle the United States as well as the USSR to 250 launchers for modern, large missiles, within the overall limit on strategic nuclear delivery vehicles and the sub-limit on launchers for ICBMs [intercontinental ballistc missiles] and sea-based missiles; (2) the limits set forth in paragraph 2(E) and (F) on relocation of existing ICBM silos, modification of existing ICBM silos in externally observable ways, on construction of new silos for IR/MRBMs [intermediate-range/medium-range ballistic missiles], and on construction of new silos for IR/MRBMs, and on construction of all new ICBM silos are particularly intended to enhance confidence in verification by national means of the limit of paragraph 2(B)."

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National Security Decision Memorandum 73; NSDM 73
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