National Security Decision Memorandum 69: Strategic Arms Limitation Talks   [open pdf - 140KB]

Alternate Title: NSDM 69: Strategic Arms Limitation Talks

National Security Decision Memorandum [NSDM] 69 is directed to: the members of the National Security Council; the Attorney General; the Director, Arms Control and Disarmament Agency; and the Director of Central Intelligence. From the Document: "After considering the report of the Delegation on the talks to date and the recommendations of the Verification Panel, I have made the following decisions with respect to the U.S. position in the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks: (1) It apparently being impossible to reach agreement along the lines of either of the two approaches I authorized in NSDM-51, the United States will attempt to reach an initial agreement concentrating on imposing numerical limits on the most important strategic weapons systems, with the collateral constraints necessary to make such limits adequately verifiable; (2) the U.S. proposal for such an agreement will have the following main elements: (a) the aggregate total of ICBM [interncontinental ballistic missile] launchers, sea-based ballistic missile launchers and strategic heavy bombers would be limited to an agreed number. We would initially propose 1900 as this number."

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National Security Decision Memorandum 69; NSDM 69
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