Biosecurity Checklist for School Foodservice Programs: Developing a Biosecurity Management Plan   [open pdf - 462KB]

"This booklet presents a wide array of guidelines and suggestions on how to: 1) form a school foodservice biosecurity management team, 2) use the checklist to prioritize measures to strengthen biosecurity inside and outside the primary foodservice area, and 3) create a school foodservice biosecurity management plan. Since each school community is unique, you and other school officials will decide which recommendations are possible and make sense for your school. Keeping our Nation's food supply safe from terrorism requires a total team effort, with participation from Federal, State, and local governments working with our country's food and agriculture sectors. At the Federal level, FNS will work with the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and other agencies to establish guidance for bolstering the biosecurity of food throughout its journey from farm to table-through transportation, storage, preparation, and service. We hope the guidelines and checklist in this booklet will help you establish a community team and a practical plan to increase food biosecurity in your school."

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