National Security Decision Memorandum 117: Instructions for Strategic Arms Limitation Talks at Helsinki (SALT-V)   [open pdf - 65KB]

Alternate Title: NSDM 117: Instructions for SALT-V

National Security Decision Memorandum 117 is directed to the members of the National Security Council, the Attorney General, the Director, Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, and the Director of Central Intelligence. From the Document: "Having considered the discussions and recommendations of the National Security Council, I have decided on the United States position for presentation at Helsinki (SALT [Strategic Arms Limitation Talks] V), as detailed: The Delegation should prepare draft language of provisions incorporating the United States position. The Delegation should proceed on the basis that there will be an agreement limiting strategic defensive weapons. The agreement dealing with defensive weapons must contain (1) a cross-reference to the agreement limiting offensive weapons, and (2) provisions requiring continued negotiations on offensive limitations. The language prepared by the Delegation must be returned to the White House for approval prior to presentation to the Soviet delegation. The final form of what is agreed (e.g. treaty) will be determined later. Pending approval and tabling of the written language, the Delegation may outline to the USSR [Union of Soviet Socialist Republics] the principal provisions of the United States position at the beginning of negotiations."

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National Security Decision Memorandum 117; NSDM 117
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