Improving Information Exchange and Coordination amongst Homeland Security Organizations   [open pdf - 327KB]

"Command and Control for coordinated response to domestic terrorist attack will require the ability of federal, state, and local agencies to maintain awareness of the status, capabilities, requirements, response plans, and C2 procedures, etc. of the other collaborating organizations. While progress is being made in improving information sharing, the TOPOFF exercises have demonstrated that organizations still lack any substantial ability to coordinate responses to large scale events that involve dozens of local, state, and federal organizations. In this paper we describe progress made in the development of new information access services that provide for improved situation awareness. We have strived to develop a solution that enables User Defined Operational Picture (UDOP) functionality while respecting the unique information management practices of the collaborating Homeland Security organizations. Our system concept, Vista, employs an adaptive machine learning paradigm that supports a new form of context sensitive information access, monitoring, and alerting that fills substantial gaps in existing Crisis Information Management System technologies. Experimental results demonstrate very substantial improvements in information access efficiency and provide strong evidence for the feasibility of the overall concept."

2005 US Army Communications- Research, Development, and Engineering Center
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