Hurricane Katrina Catastrophic Sheltering Plan for 50,000 Citizens   [open pdf - 622KB]

"This document has been created at the request of FEMA and outlines a method of housing 50,000 citizens in a very short order of time. It is meant to provide immediate temporary housing for citizens in or near communities capable of supporting a fairly large influx of people. It is understood that in the Hurricane Katrina event FEMA has awarded 5 Individual Assistance- Technical Assistance Contracts (IA-TAC) and that these contractors will likely be directed to implement this plan. COE participation at this time is expected to be limited to technical review of contract execution documents, quality assurance of construction in the field, participation of contractor led strike teams, and NEPA compliance review. Strike team responsibilities include assessment of potential sites for construction of temporary housing and should be provided with the site assessment criteria in this document (Attachment D). It is further understood that FEMA Housing Area Command (HAC) has the responsibility to authorize implementation of this plan through their IA-TAC contractors or through the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The use of a military battalion construction group may be also considered by FEMA although it is recognized that FEMA does not have authority to directly task a military command."

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