Inventory and Assessment of Databases Relevant for Social Science Research on Terrorism   [open pdf - 232KB]

"This report provides a description and assessment of Internet-accessible databases relevant for social science research on terrorism. The body of this report details those websites that provide actual data, e.g., names of terrorist organizations and incidents of terrorist activity; several have search capabilities. These websites are maintained primarily by U.S. government agencies, non-U.S. research centers, and international organizations. An appendix to this report provides an extensive list of additional resources that provide commentary and analysis of terrorism events and trends. These resources are derived from the U.S. government, libraries, international agencies, government and private non-U.S. agencies and institutes, and academic-based domestic organizations. No one definition of terrorism can be applied to all the databases referenced herein. As the National Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism states on its website: 'There is no universally accepted definition of terrorism and even when people agree on a definition of terrorism, they sometimes disagree about whether or not the definition fits a particular incident.'...In instances where a specific database has adopted a definition of terrorism, the report so notes. This report indicates the focus of each database, including whether or not it is restricted to a particular region of the world, but it is not the role of the authors to present any bias that may be reflected in the selection of data."

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