Executive Order 13111: Using Technology to Improve Training Opportunities for Federal Government Employees   [open pdf - 57KB]

Alternate Title: EO 13111: Using Technology to Improve Training Opportunities for Federal Government Employees

Executive Order 13111 was implemented to make effective use of technology to improve training opportunities for Federal Government employees. "Advances in technology and increased skills needs are changing the workplace at an ever increasing rate. These advances can make Federal employees more productive and provide improved service to our customers, the American taxpayers. We need to ensure that we continue to train Federal employees to take full advantage of these technological advances and to acquire the skills and learning needed to succeed in a changing workplace. A coordinated Federal effort is needed to provide flexible training opportunities to employees and to explore how Federal training programs, initiatives, and policies can better support lifelong learning through the use of learning technology. To help us meet these goals, I am creating a task force on Federal training technology, directing Federal agencies to take certain steps to enhance employees' training opportunities through the use of training technology, and an advisory committee on the use of training technology, which also will explore options for financing the training and post-secondary education needed to upgrade skills and gain new knowledge."

Report Number:
Executive Order 13111; EO 13111
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Federal Register: http://www.gpoaccess.gov/fr/
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Federal Register (January 12, 1999), v.64 no.10, p.2793-2797
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