National Strategy to Combat Terrorist Travel   [open pdf - 5MB]

"The goal of the NSCTT is to fight terrorist travel globally. The NSCTT identifies eight key steps necessary to achieve that goal: 1. Identify known or suspected terrorists; 2. Ensure broad data sharing across the US Government and with partner Nations; 3. Screen travelers effectively both before reaching and at ports of entry into the United States; 4. Build partner capacity to limit and screen for terrorist travel; 5. Detect and apprehend terrorists who intend to enter, or who may have entered, the United States; 6. Dismantle infrastructures and networks that facilitate terrorist travel; 7. Strengthen travel and document security at home and abroad to ensure that terrorists cannot acquire documentation through legal or illicit means; [and] 8. Collect, analyze and disseminate all terrorist travel information to key consumers across the counterterrorism and law enforcement communities. In view of these findings, the NSCTT addresses two main topics. First, the NSCTT captures current US Government capabilities to confront the problem of terrorist travel around the globe. Second, the NSCTT recommends how the US Government should enhance or expand its capabilities to address the problem."

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