FBI Reorganization: Redesign by Committee   [open pdf - 92KB]

"In the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the FBI is in the midst of a reorganization that reflects a profound shift in the FBI's mission priorities. Historically the FBI has investigated violations of federal law, reacting after the crime was committed and viewing successful prosecutions as one of the key benchmarks of success. While the FBI has long discharged its foreign counterintelligence mission, this role was limited and often viewed through a law enforcement and case specific prism. The FBI reorganization is geared toward changing the way the agency does its business, increasing the emphasis on looking ahead and around corners, divining trends or threats through better analysis of intelligence, in order to prevent another terror attack. The FBI has undergone previous reorganizations, and major changes were on the horizon even without 9/11, but no reorganization has been so sweeping nor has any been initiated with the intent of so clearly refocusing the priorities of the FBI...How Director Mueller and other senior officials determined the FBI post 9/11 reorganization plan reflects, not surprisingly, the interplay of people, organizations, and processes. Specifically, Director Mueller and senior FBI officials developed the reorganization plan from internal reviews lead by senior FBI managers, inputs from outside commissions and agencies, an acknowledged change in the threat environment, and Congressional oversight."

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