Homeland Security Advisory Council: Report of the Critical Infrastructure Task Force   [open pdf - 2MB]

"The objective of this report by the Critical Infrastructure Task Force (CITF) is to advance national policies and strategies that will foster the development of more resilient critical infrastructures. The recommendations contained herein leverage the foundation built by prior and ongoing Critical Infrastructure Protection programs, but assert that a future focus on resilience would establish a more appropriate basis for risk-based decision-making. Our Nation's critical infrastructures-cyber and physical-empower and enable every aspect of our society and economy. From a homeland security perspective, fully functioning infrastructures are fundamental to all preparedness efforts. Consequently, our critical infrastructures represent attractive targets to adversaries. At the same time, critical infrastructures are inherently vulnerable to natural disasters, accidents, and other hazards that are a part of daily life. Given this diverse spectrum of potential threats, coupled with the reality that resources are limited, the CITF concluded that policies and strategies focusing on achieving resilience would be more robust than current guidance, which focuses primarily on protection. Specifically, the CITF observes that while protection is a necessary component of building resilience, resilience is not an inevitable outcome of strategies that focus on protection."

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