Developing Army Leaders through CGSOC/AMSP and BCTP   [open pdf - 298KB]

Alternate Title: Developing Army Leaders through CGSOC [Command and General Staff Officer's Course]/AMSP [Advanced Military Studies Program] and BCTP [Battle Command Training Program]

"How the Army prepares its officers to deal with the complexities of the battlefield is the purpose of this monograph. Specifically, this monograph will take a focused look at two distinct arms of the institutional training domain; the command and General Staff Officer's Course [CGSOC] and the Advanced Military Studies Program [AMSP] and the Battle Command Training Program [BCTP]…. This monograph provides an assessment on the Army's performance at these institutions and provides recommendations for improving them as well. The conclusion finds that the Army is doing a credible job in the training and education and makes the assertion that it is up to each individual officer to take ownership of his own development to ensure proficiency on the battlefield."

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