Florida Air National Guard: A Model for Successful Recruiting   [open pdf - 555KB]

"Effective recruitment strategies are essential to the maintenance of an all-volunteer military. Shortfalls in recruiting, such as those that have been experienced by the Air National Guard, U.S. Army, Army National Guard, and Army Reserve, threaten the viability of national military strategies that call for the U.S. military to be capable of simultaneously fighting two major wars and dealing with catastrophic man-made or natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina. The Florida Air National Guard has been well ahead of its goals. Through successful recruitment policies, the Florida Air National Guard is, and will continue to be, 'Ready, Relevant, and Reliable.' This research is to identify the best practices that the Florida Air National Guard uses to recruit professional personnel and examine how these practices could be applied to other Air National Guard organizations along with other branches of the service. An empowered Recruiting and Retention Superintendent along with an innovative team approach have been successfully implemented and used by the Florida Air National Guard since June 2000. Many of the recruitment issues that the military faces today can be resolved by adopting the Florida Air National Guard's very successful model of leadership, communication, empowerment, and a team approach. The information presented in this thesis will draw on a variety of sources to show that the effective utilization of the Florida Air National Guard Recruiting and Retention Superintendent has had a dramatic and successful impact on the Florida Air National Guard's recruitment efforts. Based on secondary research, interviews, statistical analysis and an evaluation of present and past practices, this thesis will provide a path for recruiting that is focused, has a streamlined chain of command, along with the entire state recruiters working as a team to meet the needs of the entire state recruiting goals."

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