Ringing the Bell; Sounding the Alarm: A Proposal for the Simultaneous Advancement of Security and Privacy   [open pdf - 608KB]

"The need for domestic intelligence and information sharing to detect indications and warnings of terrorist acts and prevent them has raised privacy and civil liberties concerns. The relationship between national security and privacy and civil liberties is often modeled as a scale with security on one end and privacy and civil liberties on the other. Success is said to be achieved when security and privacy are balanced. This model forces these values to be traded in a zero-sum game. A new model that decreases the 'cost' to privacy and increases the 'value' to security is needed. Technological, policy and organizational innovation hold promise in designing new intelligence and information-sharing architectures capable of detecting indications and warnings of terrorism and protecting the privacy and civil liberties of Americans. Using government documents that articulate attributes for a terrorism early warning system and widely accepted privacy principles as design requirements, the thesis examines technologies that could meet the challenges of both security and privacy. Designing and building a system that supports both security and privacy will benefit both. The thesis argues, this system will enable the Nation to fight terrorism while upholding the liberties that form the core values of the American people."

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