State Tools to Update and Strengthen Statutes for Agriculture Emergencies   [open pdf - 951KB]

"Many existing state statutes for animal health emergencies fail to comprehensively address authorities needed during animal health emergency response. Therefore, it is vitally important that states review and revise their authorities to develop clear and comprehensive powers to respond. This thesis was developed to assist states with the process of revision by providing a model outline of topic areas that should be addressed in state statutes for animal health emergencies. The model outline of topic areas is intended to provide states with a suggested framework for revising their existing state statutes. Because there are significant variations in the organizational structure of state animal health regulatory officials within each state, there is not a statutory model that can be applied universally to all fifty states. That is why this thesis attempts to provide the outline of topic areas that each state needs to address individually, rather than presenting universal language. If states intend to respond quickly and efficiently to animal health emergencies, authorities must be clearly delineated and comprehensively written. It is the author's hope that this thesis will help states update and add to their statutes, ultimately improving their response to animal health emergencies. In addition, revision of the statutes will eliminate inefficiencies that may lead to delayed response effort, and will preserve local, state, and federal government resources and funding."

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