Enterprise Policing for the September 12 Era   [open pdf - 458KB]

"The community policing strategies that were in place in September of 2001 were not effective at meeting the threat of terrorism. American police agencies are at the threshold of a new era in policing, which has not yet been fully identified. This thesis will explore the limitations of community policing. A new model identified as Enterprise Policing is proposed to meet homeland security challenges. Enterprise Policing is a term developed to identify a policing style that embodies community policing as an organizational philosophy rather than a program. It includes interacting or networking in unprecedented ways with other law enforcement and government agencies, as well as community members, for the purpose of informal communication and mutual support. Under this policing style, neighborhood policing teams will resemble regional networks created for mutual assistance, to exchange information and ensure public safety. Enterprise Policing is flexible and resilient. It is focused on prevention and preparedness as well as response and recovery. Unlike community policing, Enterprise Policing involves the use of technology and training for information sharing and the development of actionable intelligence. It is intended to address national and transnational policing issues as well as local concerns that impact community safety."

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