Towards a Homeland Security Strategy for the United States Virgin Islands: The Terrorism and Natural Disasters Planning Group   [open pdf - 1MB]

"The Virgin Islands (VI) is under-prepared for major natural disasters and terrorism. Many emergency plans are incomplete, based on inaccurate information, wrongly optimistic and assume an infrastructure that does not exist. The VI is at risk to a direct terrorist attack and also subject to whatever secondary consequences result from a stateside attack, because virtually one hundred percent of food, fuel, medicine, oil used to make electricity and potable water - and tourists, the economy's lifeblood -- are imported. Also, (1) geographically, help is not readily available from any neighboring city or state; (2) the VI's first responders are likely to be affected by the same disaster they are responding to and unable to assist; (3) the VI must assume more of the emergency preparedness functions that would typically be shared between neighboring communities; (4) the VI must have more funding than similar communities on the mainland; and (5) preparedness planning must include the importing of mainland resources. The purpose of this thesis is to point out how the VI is different from the mainland U.S. This thesis documents vulnerabilities and shows how the Government's existing infrastructure is inadequate. Included is discussion of how the police, social issues, and existing VI Government leadership affect the vulnerabilities. It examines existing preparedness plans. One chapter discusses how management can harm Homeland Security while another chapter deals with change and proposes a Terrorism and Natural Disasters Planning Group. Lastly is an Action Plan listing things that can be done immediately."

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