Bi-National Planning Group: Interim Report on Canada and the United States Enhanced Military Cooperation   [open pdf - 5MB]

"In 2003, the Bi-national Planning Group (BPG) began a formal analysis on enhanced military cooperation. The aim was to determine the changes in concepts, policies, authorities, organization or technology needed to facilitate improved military cooperation between Canada and the United States (CANUS)...This study addresses each of the tasks assigned to the BPG. Chapter 1 introduces an overview of the tasks as defined by the BPG Terms of Reference. The groups focus and research methodology are also presented. Chapter 2 focuses on the review of all CANUS plans. The state of each operational plan is examined and an update of BPG initiatives is presented. Chapter 3 proposes definitions for Maritime Domain Awareness and Global Domain Awareness; and it further addresses the need for closer CANUS cooperation in maritime surveillance. Chapter 4 addresses exercises, training and validation of plans within the context of Canadian Joint Task List and the U.S. Universal Joint Task List. Chapter 5 describes and discusses four levels of cooperation. Chapter 6 provides closing comments and additional areas recommended for BPG study."

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