Best Practices for Government to Enhance the Security of National Critical Infrastructures   [open pdf - 157KB]

"The NIAC has been asked to make a recommendation on the role of government regulation in ensuring a more effective response to physical and cyber security challenges. The Working Group therefore focused on how selected sectors differ in their physical and cyber security needs, the advantages and disadvantages of market intervention, and identifying the conditions under which government intervention should occur. It has reviewed existing studies on government efforts in specific sectors, conducted in-depth interviews across many critical infrastructure sectors to develop a broad view of security issues, and developed a framework for analysis. Subsequently, the validity of this framework was tested with extensive industry participation in four sectors: chemicals, financial services, information technology and water. It proved to be a useful tool for assessing the ability of markets to effect change, and to structure the debate on the need for intervention in each sector. In the first section of the document, the Working Group discusses the framework for evaluating the applicability of government intervention across and within sectors, and identifies a number of best practices for government when considering intervention to encourage a more sustained and effective security posture. The second section of the document discusses in greater detail the implications for specific sectors, and how the framework leads to different conclusions for each sector."

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