Public Health Concern at Department of Energy Sites: ATSDR's Public Health Response   [open pdf - 374KB]

"ATSDRs activities have helped protect public health for communities near DOE facilities. The agencys activities at DOE sites have identified significant adverse health outcomes, the need for additional health studies, inadequacies in monitoring equipment, and people at risk because of exposure. ATSDRs public health assessments and health consultations have made recommendations to mitigate exposures, conduct health studies, and further categorize environmental releases. In 1993, ATSDR reviewed DOE documents for the Maywood Interim Storage Site and adjacent commercial properties in New Jersey. ATSDR determined that DOE was not monitoring for a main daughter product of thorium-232, a contaminant of concern at the site. ATSDR recommended in a health consultation that DOE monitor for this daughter product, radon-220. In May 1997, DOE notified ATSDR that, as a result of the health consultation, DOE had tested for radon-220 and found elevated levels at some locations. Clean-up efforts have reduced concentrations to levels within DOE limits at some locations. Approximately 500 persons were potentially affected."

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Progress Report, October 1998
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Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry: http://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/
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