Report of the Expert Panel Workshop on the Psychological Responses to Hazardous Substances   [open pdf - 408KB]

"Although much has been written about the physical health effects of toxic substances and much research is underway today, there has not been a compilation of the social and psychological effects that exposure to toxic substances can engender. In September 1995, ATSDR cosponsored with Emory University and the Connecticut Department of Health, an expert panel workshop on the Psychological Responses to Hazardous Substances. The purpose of this workshop was to thoroughly explore and examine all that is known about how communities and individuals respond socially and psychologically to hazardous substances and the possible effects of those responses on their health. To present a broad view of this complex and intertwined subject, many different perspectives and viewpoints are presented. Both community members and scientists from different disciplines, including social, psychological, and neurological, were invited to interact and present their opinions. What emerged from the panels is an initial attempt to define and discuss a newly emerging public health issue"how to respond to the psychosocial distress in communities affected by exposures to hazardous substances."

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