Department of Energy: Poor Management of Nuclear Materials Tracking System Makes Success Unlikely, Report to the Ranking Minority Member, Committee on Governmental Affairs, U.S. Senate   [open pdf - 209KB]

"DOE has not implemented any of the recommendations contained in our prior report and has no plans to do so. In December 1994, we reported that DOE had not adequately planned the replacement NMMSS and recommended that the Department determine users requirements, investigate alternatives, and conduct cost-benefit analyses before proceeding further with the replacement system. However, DOE continued with the system development without performing these steps because it believed that its planning was sufficient and that it would not be cost-effective to delay the replacement system. Due to its lack of sound planning, DOE does not know if the system will fulfill the needs of its major users or be cost-effective. These planning risks are magnified by additional system development risks that DOE is not adequately addressing. For example, the subcontractor building the replacement NMMSS has not documented its system development process. Because little system documentation exists, and the contract does not require any interim deliverables describing development progress before complete system delivery, DOE cannot determine the status of the development effort."

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