Epidemic: Responding to America's Prescription Drug Abuse Crisis   [open pdf - 291KB]

"Prescription drug abuse is the Nation's fastest-growing drug problem. [...] Although a number of classes of prescription drugs are currently being abused, this action plan primarily focuses on the growing and often deadly problem of prescription opioid abuse. [...] This Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Plan expands upon the Administration's National Drug Control Strategy and includes action in four major areas to reduce prescription drug abuse: education, monitoring, proper disposal, and enforcement. First, education is critical for the public and for healthcare providers to increase awareness about the dangers of prescription drug abuse, and about ways to appropriately dispense, store, and dispose of controlled substance medications. Second, enhancement and increased utilization of prescription drug monitoring programs will help to identify 'doctor shoppers' and detect therapeutic duplication and drug-drug interactions. Third, the development of consumer-friendly and environmentally-responsible prescription drug disposal programs may help to limit the diversion of drugs, as most non-medical users appear to be getting the drugs from family and friends. Fourth, it is important to provide law enforcement agencies with support and the tools they need to expand their efforts to shut down 'pill mills' and to stop 'doctor shoppers' who contribute to prescription drug trafficking."

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