Government's Response to the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee's Fourth Report of Session 2005-06 on Pandemic Influenza   [open pdf - 256KB]

"This Command Paper sets out the [United Kingdom (UK)] Government's response to the House of Lords Science and Technology Committees fourth report of Session 2005-06, on pandemic influenza. The Government regards planning to combat an influenza pandemic as one of its top emergency planning priorities. To drive planning forward and ensure effective cross-government co-ordination, a Cabinet Committee on Influenza Pandemic Planning (MISC32) has been created, and the Secretary of State for Health has been designated as the lead Government Minister. Planning for a Cabinet Committee specifically on pandemic influenza was initiated in October 2005 and the Committee was formally announced in early December 2005. As the Science and Technology Committee recognises, it may not be possible to prevent a pandemic occurring, but with good planning and preparation we can reduce its impact on the health of our population and consequently minimise the disruption to normal life and essential services. To that end, a considerable amount of work has been going on across central and local government and the NHS to prepare for a pandemic."

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