Hungarian National Plan for the Pandemic Preparedness to Influenza (Interim Working Document)   [open pdf - 0B]

"Influenza is the most important viral infectious disease returning regularly. In case of a medium degree epidemic, 20-40 % of the population can be affected, and considering the epidemiological experiences of the last thirty years, in Hungary the number of complications and lethal cases may be high. The public health authorities in Hungary provide free-of-charge vaccine supply every year for the risk population since many decades. Recently the coverage has reached about 10 % of the total population. The emergence of a pandemic influenza virus, is one of the greatest challenge of the world population. An the planning and organisation of the preventive activities is one of the principal responsibilities of Authorities and Organizations working in public health and medicine. In case of a pandemic epidemiology is facing practically a new virus because of the profound structural changes of the surface of the virus. In this case it is recommended to provide several times higher level of the preventive vaccination, than that usual in interpandemic years in order to prevent the expectable increased number of complicated illensses. The vaccination of the professionals required for the maintenance of the of the everyday functioning of the country will be also necessary. This amount of the killed whole virus vaccine will be more than one million of doses in a country of the size of Hungary."

2001-2003 National Center for Epidemiology (Hungary). All rights reserved.
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