Epidemic Alert and Response: WHO Checklist for Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Planning   [open pdf - 0B]

"An influenza pandemic (or global epidemic) occurs when a new influenza virus subtype appears, against which no one is immune. This may result in several simultaneous epidemics worldwide with high numbers of cases and deaths. With the increase in global transport and urbanization, epidemics caused by the new influenza virus are likely to occur rapidly around the world. Many countries have gained experience in pandemic planning and response through dealing with the threat or reality of SARS and HPAI. Lessons learned during these outbreaks have been used when preparing the checklist, with SARS representing a potential pandemic first recognized in humans and HPAI representing a potential pandemic first recognized in birds. Experience with these outbreaks has shown that there is always room for improvement in pandemic preparedness. It is expected that the checklist, as well as the pandemic preparedness plans of countries, will need regular revision."

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