National Security Strategy for a Global Age [December 2000]   [open pdf - 6MB]

Alternate Title: National Security Strategy of the United States of America

"Over the last eight years, we have once again mustered the creative energies of our Nation to reestablish the United States' military and economic strength within the world community. As a result, the world now looks to the United States to be not just a broker of peace, but a catalyst of coalitions, and a guarantor of global financial stability. It has been achieved in spite of a period of tumultuous change in the strategic landscape. Yet, it has been realized because we have maintained a steadfast focus on simple goals; peace, shared prosperity, and freedom, that lift the condition of all nations and people that choose to join us. This document goes over our countries strategy for engagement, and the many different policies that comprise it. The key elements of the strategy include: Adapting our alliances; Encouraging the reorientation of other states, including former adversaries; Encouraging democratization, open markets, free trade, and sustainable development; Preventing conflict; Countering potential regional aggressors; Confronting new threats, and; Steering international peace and stability operations. These elements are building blocks within a strategic architecture that describe a foreign policy for a global age. They are not easily summed up in a single phrase but they have all been guided by two simple principles; protecting our interests and advancing our values. Together, the sum of these goals, elements, and principles represent the blueprint for our strategy of engagement, which will best achieve our vision for the future.

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