Action Plan for Pandemic Influenza, Florida Department of Health   [open pdf - 1MB]

"Influenza A viruses periodically cause worldwide epidemics, or pandemics, with high rates of illness and death and considerable health care infrastructure disruption. Advanced planning for a large scale and widespread health emergency is required to optimize health care delivery through a pandemic. Unlike other public health emergencies, an influenza epidemic will impact on multiple communities across Florida simultaneously. Each local jurisdiction must be prepared to respond in the context of uncertain availability of external resources and support. Therefore, contingency planning is required to mitigate the impact of an influenza epidemic through planning and preparation by the coordinated efforts of all levels of government in collaboration with their stakeholders. The 'Florida Action Plan for Pandemic Influenza', intended to be dynamic and iterative, consists of preparedness and response components that are consistent with the general principals of emergency response. Each section aims to assist and facilitate appropriate planning at all levels of government for the next influenza pandemic. With direction from the Pandemic Influenza Coordinating Committee, the Florida Department of Health's Division of Disease Control coordinated the development of this plan in collaboration with numerous other public health agencies and interested individuals."

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