Is there a Positive Side to Al Jazeera?   [open pdf - 77KB]

"In the rogues gallery of contemporary American politics, one of our chief villains is the Qatari satellite television station, al Jazeera. This station at various times has been charged with being a bin Laden mouthpiece, pro-Saddam Hussein, insensitive to U.S. casualties, and willing to find bad motives in just about everything that the United States does in the region. Many of the charges against al Jazeera are overblown, but it does sometimes broadcast offensive images, and has been hugely critical of what it views as a lack of American concern about collateral damage to civilian areas in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was the first station to broadcast bin Laden tapes as news, and it is hardly reassuring that an al Jazeera reporter being tried in Spain in September 2005 was found guilty of collaborating with al Qaeda. With anti-Americanism already raging through the Middle East, can there be anything positive about al Jazeera? Actually there is. By allowing al Jazeera to operate, the small pro-Western state of Qatar is freed from the charge of being a U.S. stooge."

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