National Drug Control Strategy (February 2006)   [open pdf - 740KB]

"This year's National Drug Control Strategy seeks to build on the progress that has already been made by outlining a balanced, integrated plan aimed at achieving the President's goal of reducing drug use. Each pillar of the strategy is crucial, and each sustains the others. The three components are outlined in the following chapters. The first chapter, Stopping Drug Use Before It Starts, outlines the Administration's work to prevent the initiation of drug use. An integral part of this effort is the new Above the Influence initiative by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP)-- National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign -- and the Partnership for a Drug Free America. This initiative, which consists of television advertisements and interactive web-based outreach, calls on young people to be true to themselves by remaining above the influence. The second chapter, Healing America's Drug Users, highlights initiatives that treat drug users. Key initiatives include the President's Access to Recovery program, which expands treatment options, and drug courts, which seek to rehabilitate offenders with substance abuse problems. The third chapter, Disrupting Drug Markets, outlines the Administrations work at home and abroad to disrupt the availability of illicit drugs, through source country efforts, interdiction programs, and investigative operations. We are attacking market vulnerabilities in the illegal drug trade and applying pressure to reduce profits and raise the risks of drug trafficking."

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