Status of the Director of Central Intelligence Under the National Security Intelligence Reform Act of 2004, Memorandum Opinion for the Deputy Counsel to the President [January 12, 2005]   [open pdf - 85KB]

"The National Security Intelligence Reform Act of 2004 (the 'Intelligence Reform Act') restructures the management of the intelligence community. Among other things, the Intelligence Reform Act abolishes the title 'Director of Central Intelligence' ('DCI') and assigns certain of the functions currently performed by the DCI to an office entitled 'Director of National Intelligence' ('DNI') and certain of those functions to an office entitled 'Director of the Central Intelligence Agency' ('DCIA'). You have asked whether, at the time the Intelligence Reform Act becomes effective, the current DCI would require a new appointment to the office of DCIA should the President wish him to serve in that position. We conclude that a new appointment would not be required."

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