Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR): January 2006 Quarterly and Semiannual Report to Congress   [open pdf - 6MB]

SIGIR focuses on the following key themes in this quarterly report to Congress: transition, reconstruction gap, sustainability, cost-to-complete estimates, fighting corruption, and information systems management. "With the issuance of this Report, SIGIR has completed 40 final audit reports and 29 detailed assessments and inspections that collectively provide an important perspective on U.S. progress in Iraq. Throughout 2005, SIGIR played an important role in identifying key issues confronting and impeding the U.S. reconstruction effort in Iraq. For example, SIGIR inquiries signaled deficiencies in the information management systems for reconstruction projects, and SIGIR pressed for measures, now underway, to ameliorate this serious shortfall. SIGIR illuminated the need for securing concrete policies that will ensure that reconstruction projects are sustainable when they are finally turned over to Iraq. The recent arrests of four individuals charged with criminal fraud committed in Iraq underscores the axiom that oversight works well when it works hard."

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