Natural Gas and Energy Security in Trinidad and Tobago and their Impact on U.S. Energy Policy and Caribbean Stability   [open pdf - 1MB]

The current focus of the Global War on terror in the Middle East and in increased surveillance on U.S. borders has left a third border, the Caribbean, open to terrorist infiltration and attack. Large scale U.S. direct investment in the industrialized island nation of Trinidad and Tobago relative to the other islands in the region and Latin America, and the U.S. current dependence on it for the majority of its liquefied natural gas imports, makes it an attractive target for terror. While there has been reasonable research on the effects of a domestic terrorist attack on the American economy, there has been little research on the effects of an attack on one of the United States critical energy sources. This thesis will examine this subject and analyze the possibility of such an attack and the projected dire consequences for Trinidad and Tobago, the region and U.S. energy security initiatives. This thesis will also attempt to focus on some policy implications for improved security in this area.

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