Prepared Remarks for Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales at the Georgetown University Law Center   [open pdf - 33KB]

Alternate Title: Intercepting Al Qaeda: A Lawful and Necessary Tool for Protecting America

In his speech 'Intercepting Al Qaeda: A Lawful and Necessary Tool for Protecting America', Gonzales defends the National Security Agency's "terrorism surveillance program" as one of many tools used in the War on Terror. "The conflict against al Qaeda is, in fundamental respects, a war of information. We cannot build walls thick enough, fences high enough, or systems strong enough to keep our enemies out of our open and welcoming country. Instead, as the bipartisan 9/11 and WMD Commissions have urged, we must understand better who they are and what they're doing - we have to collect more dots, if you will, before we can 'connect the dots.' This program to surveil al Qaeda is a necessary weapon as we fight to detect and prevent another attack before it happens. I feel confident that is what the American people expect... and its what the terrorist surveillance program provides."

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