Managing Innovation in Policing: The Untapped Potential of the Middle Manager   [open pdf - 60KB]

"Although conventional management thinking assumes that middle managers will subvert organizational strategic change, the power and responsibility to convert leaders words to organizational deeds place great innovation challenges in middle managers bailiwick. Whether middle managers are part of the problem or part of the solution is being tested by police agencies that have recently embraced community policing and problem solving as operating strategies. At issue is whether a critical mass of police middle managers can contribute productively so that strategic changes called for by chiefs to implement community policing permeate deeply and enduringly in the organization. A new book, prepared under a National Institute of Justice grant, concludes that middle managements power to affect change can be harnessed to advance community policing objectives by including those managers in planning, acknowledging their legitimate self-interests, and motivating their investment in long-range solutions that enhance community safety and security."

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