Presidential Directive 63: Persian Gulf Security Framework   [open pdf - 150KB]

Alternate Title: PD/NSC 63: Persian Gulf Security Framework

In this Directive, President Carter directs actions "to protect the Strait of Hormuz and strengthen our key friends in the [Persian Gulf] region in the face of risks stemming from the Iran/Iraq. It is U.S. strategy to meet these commitments and to defend our vital interests in the region as a whole by: [1] building up our own capabilities to project force into the region while maintaining a credible presence there; [2] developing a broad range of military and related response options in and outside the region against the Soviet Union, including U.S. force projection into the region, to compensate for the current Soviet regional advantage in conventional forces; [3] making the Soviet Union aware that it will also face a wide range of economic and diplomatic sanctions on a worldwide basis if it intervenes in the region; [4] assisting countries in the region: to deter and diminish internal and external threats to stability; and to contribute to deterring and resisting Soviet penetration - political, economic or military; [5] diminishing radical influences in the region and enhancing US security by working for progress toward a comprehensive Arab-Israeli peace settlement; [6] improving access to facilities in the region while remaining sensitive to the special historical experience of the region and not placing in jeopardy our relationships or the internal stability of the countries concerned by insisting on formal basing arrangements."

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PD/NSC 63; Presidential Directive 63
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