Presidential Directive 18: U.S. National Strategy   [open pdf - 127KB]

Alternate Title: PD/NSC 18: U.S. National Strategy

From the Document: "I [President Carter] have reviewed the PRM [Presidential Review Memoranda]/NSC [National Security Council] 10 conclusions and the discussion of the Special Coordination Committee. It is clear that in the foreseeable future, US-Soviet relations will continue to be characterized by both competition and cooperation, with the attendant risk of conflict as well as the opportunity for stabilizing US- Soviet relations. In that competition, military aspects aside, the United States continues to enjoy a number of critical advantages: it has a more creative technological and economic system, its political structure can adapt more easily to popular demands and relies on freely given support, and it is supported internationally by allies and friends who genuinely share similar aspirations. In contrast, though successfully acquiring military power matching that of the United States, the Soviet Union continues to face major internal economic and national difficulties, and externally it has a few genuinely committed allies while lately suffering setbacks in its relations with China, parts of Africa, and India."

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PD/NSC 18; Presidential Directive 18
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