War Against International Islamic Terrorism: Who is the Enemy: How Can It Be Defeated?   [open pdf - 532KB]

"In order to evaluate the GWOT, this monograph examines several questions about the terrorist threat. First, what is the nature of the enemy? Should the terror groups be defined as 1ccriminal 1d or as representative of a larger disenfranchised population? Second, what is the enemy's desired endstate and how does it impact western interests? Finally, how should the elements of national power be applied against the threat? This paper will address four important areas. First, it will analyze the enemy, his situation, and his vision. Second, it will reveal enemy and friendly endstates and centers of gravity that support those endstates. Third, it will outline critical vulnerabilities based on those centers of gravity. Finally, it will offer implications and recommendations for the national strategy. Considered in the context of a mass movement, the international Islamic terror phenomenon poses a threat unique from those of other terrorist groups and, in turn, it should be analyzed and attacked based on those unique characteristics. Furthermore, a comprehensive national strategy must be designed to counter the pervasive menace."

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